Male Mundi EP released!

by Naomi Lenore


June 7th marked the release of our brand new EP Male Mundi! Vocalist Ruby Monet had this to say about the two songs: ““Male Mundi, meaning sick world in latin, was written in response to the quickening pace of fascism in The U.S. and the world over, and in response to the neverending dwindling of species, ecosystems, and the generally compromised health of our ecosphere as a result of human rapaciousness and hubris.
Bluebird was inspired, or rather, haunted by years of dream imagery brought to life during several years of PTSD induced night terrors. This song bargains with the haunting, faces the terror, and demands revitalization.
Narcissus Stares is a commentary on the ritual of toxic masculinity and the cultural abuse that it fosters.”

Male Mundi by OVER

We’ve got quite a bit more coming before the winter months so stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy the EP above or on Spotify and enjoy a new photo series by Heatherette Seafoam with makeup by Maggie Jane:

Heatherette Seafoam

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