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If you live in the Portland are please tune into 107.1 FM or log on to this Friday, July 17th, 2020. We are playing some favorites and some new stuff and it will be our first time performing since early March for obvious reasons. We are extremely excited to share this with you!


We’re a bit late to updating the site because like many of you, we’ve been dealing with most aspects of our lives being upended. We have a tragic pandemic sweeping the globe and staying for probably an extra year in the US due to fascist dumbfuck mismanagement and the recent protests spurned by the murder of George Floyd seriously injured our beloved vocalist while our bassist retained a smaller injury. We have been thoroughly set back in terms of writing, releasing and touring and only just returned to practice for the first time in four months. In that time we released a music video for Hyena which you can view vie this link. Stay tuned for more updates as they trickle in and we can’t wait to get back to you!

Over Hyena music video still





We’re excited to hang with friends old and new on the West Coast!

3/21 – at TV Eye in Brooklyn, NY

3/23 – at Charlie’s Kitchen in Boston, MA

3/24 – at Cousin Danny’s in Philadelphia, PA

3/25 – at Babyland in Pittsburgh, PA

3/26 – at Fallout in Richmond, VA

3/27 – at Joe Squared in Baltimore, MD

3/28 – at The Gutter in Brooklyn, NY

There’s lots more news for the year coming up so stay tuned!

HAPPY 2020

This year we welcome our newest member and an addition to our overall sound playing permanent synth for recordings and live, Various Hands

Screenshot_2020-01-01 𝕆𝕍𝔼ℝ PDX ( overpdx) • Instagram photos and videos

In addition to this we are announcing a group of shows listed under the shows tab. We’re excited to travel more this year and have some exciting release announcements for the year!

Screenshot_2020-01-01 Verboden Festival

October and the rest of the year

We’ve been slow on the jump to updating the site after the tour but here are our October shows. We played on the October 8th @ Highline in Seattle with Padkarosda (Hungary) and Lindseys (SEA) but I can’t find the flyer! Anyway, we’re taking a break from shows for November and December except a heretofore secret benefit show in Portland in December. We’ve got some surprises coming your way and then we’ll be back in action by January!






We’re heading out on a tour of the Western US, coming back, then flying out to San La Muerte Fest in San Antonio

Here’s the deets we have, there are still a few gaps but that’s how things go when you do shit yourself:

9/11 – Reno – @ The Holland Project with Skew Ring

9/12 – Oakland – @ Near Dark Fest (The Uptown) with all the bands listed on the fest flyer below

9/14 – Los Angeles – @ Church of Fun w/ TBA although we heard Don Bolles might DJ (fingers crossed)

9/15 – Los Angeles – @ Echoplex w/ Pink Turns Blue, Totenwald, and Warsaw Pact

9/16 – San Diego – @ Whistlestop w/ Totenwald and Passengers

9/17 – Flagstaff – @ Flag Brew w/ Daikaiju

9/19 – Denver – @ NuDe City Relief Center w/ EVP and Church Fire

9/20 – Salt Lake City – @ We’re not sure yet but Jeff said it’s gonna be rad

9/21 – Boise – @ High Note Cafe w/ Smoke Break, Vang Basics, and Neocentrics

9/22 – Portland – @ Star Theater w/ Pink Turns Blue and Fang On Furs

9/26 – San Antonio @ Hotel Vegas w/ Padkarosda, Scan, 3 Rose Charm, Malpractica, and Slaughterstein

9/27 – San Antonio @ Elysium w/ Diavol Strain, Blu Anxxiety, Trashlight, Vueltas, and The Objects



We raised $200 for RAICES Texas with our friends Graveyard Gossip. Thanks everyone for coming out. Now we’re on hiatus for a month while we prep for tour!


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