Over is a four piece post-punk/anarcho-punk/death rock band based out of Portland, Oregon. Over started in October 2016 in the age of creeping fascism with Lillian Void (Smoke Rings, Useless Eaters, Broken Spirit) and Justin Cory (Usnea, 1919) and quickly picked up members Andrew Grosse (Caravan Recordings, Billions and Billions) and Ruby Monet by December. Andrew moved and Josh Dark (Atriarch, Di Di Mau) joined in on bass. Justin moved on to spend more time with his family and amazing doom band so Over employed the expertise of local punk legend Just Dave (Rotties, Nux Vomica). Collective influences range from Doom to Shoegaze to Punk, with our most salient roots being in Anarcho-Punk and Post-Punk, giving Over sonic likeness to early era Siouxsie and the Banshees, Killing Joke, and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry.

Exploring themes of identity, love, trauma, power, and suffering, Over strives to strike a balance between driving dance anthems and trudging, doom-glazed songs of calamitous vulnerability; never forgetting that the resilience involved in allowing oneself to have fun in a world that expects nothing less than failure from most is a revolutionary act all its own.

Over enthusiastically marries the sonic duality of hope and despair, pain and love, ambition and distraction; boasting a sound that is as enormous as it is dreamy; as dark and brooding as it is glittery and catchy.

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